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September 7, 2016 - tonton

Tonton’s latest array is a collection of real-life spook stories narrated by internal celebrities, writes Dennis Chua

MALAYSIANS adore scary, spook movies. Now, tip internal online video portal Tonton is gift twice weekly instalments of chilling torment with a code new Chinese spook story series, 1001: Celebrity Encounters.

1001 facilities 10 celebrities with 10 opposite stories of real-life resounding encounters and loyal scary practice of their tighten friends.

The celebrities — William San, Soo Wincci, Baki Zainal, Emily Chan, Rickman Chia, Danny One, Hou Ren, Agnes Lim, Jack Yap and Michiyo Ho — tell their abnormal tales and re-enact them from now until Sept 9 on Tonton.

1001 is destined by Julio Yellow and constructed by Kopi Limwho are outrageous spook story fans. Their bizarre array lasts 7 to 10 mins per episode.

“It’s specifically put out in and with a Hungry Ghost Festival this month,” says Kopi, who reveals that he and a prolongation organisation member met with a teenager automobile collision while returning home after filming one night.

Yellow adds: “It is not easy to film a spook stories during a genuine condemned spots. For a reserve of a expel and crew, we motionless to film them in a neighbourhoods of a kin and organisation members.”

OneFM radio presenter William San says: “Each of us is a protagonist in an episode. In a beginning, we speak about a personal confront with spooks. After that, we re-enact a genuine spook story that a friends or family members have encountered.”

William’s story was a initial part of 1001, promote during 6pm on Aug 11. He played a crony of his who was dining during a food case run by an antipathetic man.

“The case owner’s mother and daughter had been killed by dual robbers. During a meal, my crony and his dining messenger burst a fun about how pleasing a slain lady was.”

Later, when William’s crony was pushing home, he encountered a spook of a case owner’s daughter.

“My crony soon stopped his automobile by a roadside and contacted a case owner. On arrival, he scolded my crony and told him not to disaster around with his daughter, after that he swayed a girl’s suggestion to enter his automobile insted.”

Kopi says he and Yellow interviewed a Taoist clergyman from Malacca for a series, and he told them that there are many normal taboos that we have to observe when articulate about a dead.

“Teasing a passed about their looks is a large ‘no’. This was because William’s crony was ‘disturbed’,” says Kopi.

“Another is to equivocate relocating residence on certain ‘inauspicious’ dates, and that’s maybe what happened to Michiyo,” adds Yellow.

Singer Michiyo reveals that some years ago, she had a vivid knowledge on Jul 1 that was an unlucky date to pierce into a new home.

She recalls: “I was removing my seat changed into my new house. Tired, we took an afternoon nap. Then when we woke up, we found that we couldn’t pierce my left hand.”

The rigidity persisted via a day. Later she learnt from a crony who helped her pierce that Jul 1 was a “bad day” to do so and that it could have been a spook holding on to her palm resolutely that day.

Singer and thespian Wincci says a spook once followed her home. “It was in 2009, after filming of radio series, Injustice. As we was walking to my front door, we felt something grabbing my arm, and after inside a house, we saw a teenager hash on my arm.”

Hou’s confront with a abnormal happened dual years ago when he entered a lift after behaving in a gift concert. “I saw a store of dirt on a floor, and this store was changed by a tiny breeze of breeze until it left a lift. we found it really strange.” 1001 is screened during 6pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Meanwhile, Airin Zainul, Media Prima Bhd organisation ubiquitous manager, ntv7, 8TV and Tonton, says Tonton has over 5.8 million users and a array is expanding.

Airin launched 1001 during Pampas Old Malaya Restaurant, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, on Aug 11. It was attended by Tonton conduct of operations Loh Ben Jern, a ubiquitous manager, customer use Crystal Lee, William, Wincci, Hou, Michiyo, Yellow, Kopi and thespian and actor Henley Hii.


TONTON has named Soo Wincci and Henley Hii as code ambassadors. They will not usually benefaction dramas, films and party series, though also star in their possess shows.

“I’m a food and transport person, and we devise to seem in a array that combines both. It’ll take viewers to several tools of a country, where we get to learn about informal cuisine and places of interest,” says Wincci.

Henley skeleton to benefaction a documentary on his low-pitched tour called It’s A Date. “It’s dedicated to my fans, and talks about my tour from a schoolboy to an entertainer,” he says.

“Next year, we will tie a tangle with my longtime swain Angie Seow and we devise to have it promote on Tonton.”

Henley, who comes from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, will star in a Chinese New Year 2017 family play called Rhythm Of Hope, that will be screened on ntv7 subsequent year.

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