Up for grabs: CJ Wow Shop vouchers for new tonton VIP members

September 18, 2016 - tonton

MALAYSIA’S series one video portal, tonton, that has some-more than 5.9 million purebred users, continues a ongoing efforts in giving behind to Malaysians.

This time, tonton will work hand-in-hand with Media Prima’s innovative selling network, CJ Wow Shop.

In and with Malaysia Day, a initial 1,000 people to allow to a tonton VIP package from now compartment Sep 30 this year, will travel divided with selling vouchers value RM30 from a CJ Wow Shop.

The propitious subscribers will accept a vouchers starting a initial week of October.

Commenting on a corner venture, tonton’s ubiquitous manager, Ben Jern Loh, said, “This is one of a VIP treatments and privileges perceived by tonton VIP users. It is a bid in giving behind to them. That’s not all, as tonton VIP users will accept some-more perks such as disdainful invites to concerts and namely a Anugerah Juara Lagu and Anugerah Skrin events, detached from a special discounts during Karnival Jom Heboh.”

More special privileges for tonton VIP users embody gaining full entrance to tonton’s archives, that has over 23,000 hours of dramas, films and internal party programmes, not to discuss a event to binge watch all a latest episodes on tonton before it front on a tiny screen.

Even some-more sparkling is that they can also download their favourite programmes and watch it offline on their smartphones around a tonton focus for iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, a CJ Wow Shop selling vouchers perceived by tonton VIP subscribers can be used to squeeze a accumulation of fashion, beauty, digital, and lifestyle products.

Get prepared for an disdainful choice of programmes in store for tonton users this month.

Among a sparkling transport include, It’s A Date; a biographical programme that follows a life tour of internal artistes such as Mia Ahmad, Fattah Amin, Keith Foo and Soo Wincci.

Besides that, Crazee Stupid Stuff will see horde Sharifah Amani rivet in all sorts of crazy stunts to perform viewers. All these are accessible usually on tonton.

The aberration of Malaysia will also be featured around programmes such as Hoods, Best In The World, Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, Homecoming and Let’s Cycle, that portrays a beauty of a dear nation from a singular cultures to a delicious cuisines.

Do not skip a event to suffer all these sparkling privileges of being a tonton VIP user during this poignant month.

For some-more information about tonton VIP and CJ Wow Shop, record on to tonton.com.my and www.cjwowshop.com.my.

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