Toyota Vios Cup 2017 Edition ends

December 14, 2017 - tonton

Story photos by Patrick P. Tulfo

THE sleet dripping morning of a fourth and final leg of this year’s Vios Cup hold recently during a Clark Speedway in Pampanga gave fans and racing enthusiasts a furious and wooly event from start to finish.

Action-packed stage during a final race

The assembly who dauntless a severe continue were treated to a fantastic uncover of pushing skills, characterized by a lot of contacts that resulted into a lot of flaying bumpers, and one overturned automobile driven by Miko Maristela toward a finish of a race.

The race, that was divided into 4 categories, Rota Promotional Class and Celebrity Class, Bridgestone Sporting Class and a stirring Total Excellium Super Sporting Class constructed astonishing results.

Gel Napat of Team Biskeg dominated a opener for a Rota Promotional Class. He was followed closely by throng favorite Marc Soong of Team Obengers and Don Vic Portugal of Toyota San Pablo finishing third.

Meanwhile, during a Celebrity Class, Brazilian model/actor Fabio Ide finished first, followed by immature actor Dominic Roque and prohibited mom Aubrey Miles for a third spot.

Miko Maristela walks divided protection from his car

At a Bridgestone Sporting Class, comebacking radio jock Sam YG (Toyota Quezon Avenue), who missed a prior races, hammered his category in a 12-lap race. It was an sparkling competition as Sam YG, who started from a 17th position, solemnly clawed his approach to a tip spot. He was followed by Sean Velasco of Toyota Cebu and Tonton Ramos of Toyota San Fernando.

The Total Excellium Super Sporting Class saw Allan Uy, of Allan Uy Racing, substantiating a gentle lead early into a race, withdrawal Daniel Miranda (Obengers), Miko Maristela (Toyota Quezon Avenue) and Gerald Loy (Biskeg) battling for a second, third and fourth, respectively. The immature Daniel Miranda eventually eked out his rivals to get a No.2 spot, with Maristela removing third mark and Loy settling for fourth.

The continue had rather softened in a afternoon for a sparkling finale. The competition dual for Rota Promotional category saw Red Diwa of Toyota Isabela claiming a stick position. He was followed by Gel Napat of Team Biskeg and completing a tip 3 is Vincent Courcol of AP Corse/Toyota Makati.

The much-anticipated Celebrity Class remained unchanged, as Fabio Ide hold on a initial place, he was followed by Dominique Roque and surprisingly, it was a improved half of Aubrey Miles, Troy Montero who was means to finish third.

Mark Sy of Toyota San Pablo took home a bacon for a Bridgestone Sporting Class. He was followed by Tonton Ramos of Toyota San Fernando and completing a expel for a tip 3 spots was teammate Rhaffy Latorre.

The rarely rival Total Excellium Super Sporting Class had a throng on their feet for many of a time as they watch Daniel Miranda, Ramon Tanjuatco and other racers battled it out.

The prominence of a competition was when a automobile driven by Miko Maristela, who was during a thick of a fight, careened out of control in Lap 7 and flipped when it strike a gutter and landed on a roof, after he was incidentally bumped by a automobile driven by Allan Uy. Thankfully, Maristela got out his automobile unhurt.

Daniel Miranda was means to settle a large lead toward a finish of a path 10 to explain a mottled flag. He was followed by Ramon Tanjuatco of AP Corse/Toyota Makati and actor/racer Dominic Ochoa of Toyota Quezon Avenue who came in third.

Toyota President Satoru Suzuki thanked a throng who continuedly support a annual competition during a awarding rite and said, “See we all subsequent year,” that was met with a boisterous acclaim from all a participants.

Image Credits: Patrick P. Tulfo

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