Tonton Is Now Officially Available On AirAsia Flights around ROKKI

November 7, 2017 - tonton

Launched in 2014, ROKKI initial seemed underneath a limelight as the on-board Wi-Fi use for AirAsia flights. From there, a use was serve extended with a further of in-flight party final year – and it has only perceived a boost in terms of a calm tender interjection to a new partnership with a renouned inner streaming service, tonton, by Media Prima.

Officially introduced currently on a moody from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, ROKKI’s in-flight party use can be employed by smartphones and tablets by Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, a use is not means to support laptops during a moment.

Tonton x ROKKI

Given a inlet of in-flight Wi-Fi, tonton’s calm are not delivered directly into any aircraft regulating a service’s mobile apps or website as per norm. Based on a review with a General Manager of tonton, Ben Jern Loh, a calm is initial installed into ROKKI’s possess inner complement for placement on AirAsia flights.

Hence, it is not startling that users don’t get a full tonton catalog while they are in a atmosphere for a time being. Nevertheless, we were sensitive that a calm competence change from one moody to another depending on their duration. Also, a calm will be rested from time to time.


In terms of calm selection, it is curated by ROKKI’s group itself with assistance from tonton. Currently accessible for giveaway on comparison AirAsia flights, ROKKI in-flight Wi-Fi and party use are activated once a aircraft reaches 10,000 feet in a air. To learn more, conduct on to its central website.







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