Tonton intricately reworks "Lotus Eater" like you’ve never listened before

May 14, 2016 - tonton

Even a biggest songs have left underneath a “remix” diagnosis during some indicate or another. And creation a good strain even improved can be unequivocally difficult. For a many part, there have been singular reworks of Mura Masa’s renouned “Lotus Eater” that have matched adult to a strange or been quite outstanding, if any.

This is because it’s a contingency to take a listen currently to Netherlands-based writer Tonton‘s reimagining of “Lotus Eater”. His remix takes a notoriously familiar shriek solo of a strange and twines it around an superb organisation of heroic synths, pointy bass, and bell-sounding chimes during around 1:23 that will send shivers down your back. The arrangement is incredible, with well-paced, light buildups to opposite a differently pondering and relaxing atmosphere of other tools of a song. Most ear-catching of all, a several pivotal changes and light stalemate to a strange synth tune that closes out a finish leaves a plain sense in a mind of a listener.

Tonton’s remix of “Lotus Eater” is a smoothly crafted and singly thought-out track that has successfully taken a best elements of a strange lane and combined something altogether lovely and notable for listeners to bask in. 

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