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August 22, 2017 - tonton

The member from tonton and DST.

15 Aug – Local video-streaming service, tonton, has widespread a wings outward of Malaysia even serve by rising during a second general location, Brunei.

In partnership with Brunei’s largest telecommunication association DST, tonton is now exclusively permitted and permitted to all Bruneian subscribers of DST.

Brunei is tonton’s second general plcae after Singapore that was launched progressing this year in partnership with Singtel.

The signing rite between tonton and DST.

The launch of tonton in Brunei was hold in and with DST’s 18th anniversary during a Amphitheatre Jerudong Park on 12 and 13 Aug 2017.

The eventuality was graced by a 3 famous faces of tonton including Malaysian swain Ayda Jebat, hunky actor Redza Rosli, and Queen of tonton, Dato Seri Vida.

Ms Airin of tonton holding selfies with Dato Seri Vida.

Ayda Jebat and Redza Rosli during a launch.

Owned by Media Prima Berhad, tonton is a internal home grown video streaming use with over 7 million users.

The SVOD use offers especially internal calm and gives entrance to internal TV and radio channels owned by a association like TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9, Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM, as good as additional channels for general Chinese, Filipino, Indian and Korean content.

The sea of people who attended a launch.

Subscribers of tonton will also get disdainful entrance to live events and radio array 6 months progressing before it hits a tiny screens.

According to a Director of tonton, Ms Airin Zainul, a use skeleton to launch in Indonesia subsequent nonetheless there hasn’t been most sum and acknowledgment on it yet.

tonton’s Director of Licensing Merchandising, Ms Airin Zainul.

“We’re looking during other territories, such as countries around a segment in Southeast Asia that will be means to conclude a content,” pronounced a director.

“Though we have especially Malay content, tonton also has a lot of Chinese dramas. So now we’re looking during capitalising a Chinese internal dramas.”

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