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March 1, 2017 - tonton

HITS, a simple party channel that is noticed in some-more than 8 million homes opposite Asia, has now reached Malaysia by a country’s homegrown streaming service, TonTon.

A carriage understanding between TonTon and HITS brings a curation Hollywood radio shows to TonTon’s flourishing subscriber base.

Media Prima Bhd executive of TonTon, egghead property, chartering and merchandising Airin Zainul said: “We acquire a further of HITS to a flourishing calm offerings for TonTon’s reward VIP membership that starts from RM3.

“This is in line with a plan to yield a best internal calm
and shows from Hollywood for Malaysians”

Rewind Networks Pte Ltd arch executive officer Avi Himatsingani said: “We (Rewind Networks) are happy that TonTon’s VIP subscribers
will have 24-hour, seven-days-a-week’s entrance to a service.”

TonTon is Media Prima Television Networks’ over-the-top (OTT)
platform, that offers linear channels.

It has some-more than 23,000 hours of catch-up and reward video content, and this includes drama, speak shows, docudramas and movies.

Reaching some-more than 6.6 million users, and positioned such that 80 per cent of a offerings are local
content, TonTon continues to supplement
more than 18,000 new members weekly.

HITS is a newest English, Malay and Chinese-subtitled linear channel in TonTon’s VIP service.

Owned by Rewind Networks, HITS has multi-award winning array
that move behind good stories and characters, and deliver a new
generation of viewers to iconic shows.

Ratings successes in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and a Philippines infer that HITS’ curation of shows such as That ‘70s Show, The Nanny, The Golden Girls, Cheers, MacGyver, Diff’rent Strokes, Airwolf, The A-Team, The X-Files and Grey’s Anatomy, ring with viewers in a region.

Currently, HITS’ other OTT offerings, embody locate adult on-demand use HITS Replay, as good as streaming on a HITS focus permitted around iOS and Android
to real pay-TV subscribers.

TonTon now offers a free, two-week preview of HITS.

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