‘The Best Instrument Against Gender Inequality Is Our Voice’

January 11, 2018 - tonton

Neo-traditional thespian Mz Menneh

Mz Menneh Urges Colleagues to Break Silence on Gender Inequality in Liberian Music Industry

Neo-Traditional singer, Mz Menneh has called on women in a Liberian song attention to pronounce out opposite gender inequality in a song industry, that has led to them being underrepresented and undervalued.

The ‘Zomo’ crooner  combined that if women in a attention continue to sojourn silent, a quarrel to and gender inequality will not be effective.

Menneh remarkable that nonetheless there is a cost to compensate for vocalization out, it is still value doing to move an finish to a conditions that is murdering their careers.

The emanate of gender inequality in a attention came to light after Liberian RB recording artists J. Glo and Angie Tonton pennyless their overpower and complained that inequality has increasing in a Liberian song industry, during levels that have never been seen before.

Glo and Angie Tonton explained that nonetheless this problem has been in a attention for years, it is now during an rare high, to a border that they (females) are severely being underrepresented in a attention and are not removing satisfactory airplay from radio stations and bar DJs.

They remarkable that either it is radio or bar airplay, festival lineups or attention awards, masculine artists sojourn overwhelmingly widespread in a song attention on a series of levels, and it ought not to be so.

Mz Menneh: “I wish some-more women to speak. This is a usually approach we can solve this informative problem”

“I wish some-more women to speak,” Menneh says. “This is a usually approach we can solve this informative problem. I’m a plant of this bad diagnosis in a attention and we consider this is a right time to put an finish to it. we sent my songs to many masculine DJs, nonetheless they have refused to play them. Even when we visited Liberia, we met many of them, though they demanded something in lapse for promotion.

“During my stay there, we celebrated that this is usually function to a females. I’m blissful that J. Glo and Angie Tonton were means to mangle their overpower to motivate us to speak.

“If we wish change and to recover a inflection behind in a industry, afterwards we all have to come together with a bravery to contend adequate is adequate and no more.”

Menneh pronounced she understands that this competence not be as easy as it seems – since of a stigmatization that a victims of these inequalities are done to experience, creation it formidable for many of them to pronounce out.

She combined that nowadays, victims forced to vocalization adult opposite gender inequality risk fast unconstrained recoil from people, infrequently including sexist abuses and threats to a person’s life.

“But this should not be a reasons we have to sojourn silent. Speaking out is a best instrument in a quarrel for gender equality. we was like that before, though we have gained a bravery to move a emanate to light to find solutions.

“By lifting your voice, we are opposed a inequality. By articulate about it, we are compelling a cycle of honesty and actions to be taken opposite a injustice.

“Despite what your knowledge competence have been, it is critical for we to know that by vocalization out on it, we are assisting scold a injustice. Your voice on this matter is important,” Menneh said.

The Liberian diva pronounced it is critical for women in a Liberian song attention to pronounce adult opposite a inequality to move a emanate to an end.


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