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May 18, 2018 - tonton

HAVING a absolute memory might be a blessing as we remember contribution and total — an ability that will advantage your career and assistance we make critical decisions.

On a other hand, it can e a abuse since upsetting moments sojourn in your mind and always make we depressed.

The double-edged sword that is a absolute memory gets addressed by YouTube sensations Ho Ming Yue and Ho Ming Han a.k.a. The Ming Thing in their initial play array with video streaming use tonton this Sunday.

The Ming Thing’s four-episode array is I, Remember, a story of immature accountant Hafiq who unexpected wakes adult with a super-memory, that boosts his career and vital skills though also gives him whinging headaches.


“Each part is 20 minutes, and it’s not usually about Hafiq and his special ‘power’ though also how his life changes physically, mentally and emotionally with it,” pronounced Ming Han during a launch of I, Remember in a GSC 1Utama Cineplex in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya recently.

Ming Yue added: “As we promised, it’s a thriller adventure, that also combines elements of comedy and a latest parodies of Malaysian consumer trends.”

Playing honest-to-goodness Hafiq is Gol Dan Gincu 2 actor Jad Hidhir Harjono, who has seemed in several The Ming Thing videos over a final dual years.

He is assimilated by determined actors Alvin Wong, Louisa Chong, Emily Chen and Sharifah Amani, as good as entertainment actor Karan Hundal.

I, Remember is shaped on a discuss with friends final year, about how certain people have detailed memories,” pronounced Ming Han.

“We have family friends whose children possess such skills and simply remember a YouTube videos and their dialogue,” combined Ming Yue.

Ming Han pronounced a twin behind JinnyBoy TV also speedy them to come out with I, Remember.


“Jin Lim and Ruben Kang tender us with their regretful play By My Side in Aug final year.

“We desired By My Side and figured we could also work with tonton,” pronounced Ming Han.

Ming Yue added: “However we didn’t wish a regretful comedy. Instead, we wanted a science-fiction comedy. We grew adult enjoying adventures and thrillers on a large screen, generally a ones from Hollywood.”

“As a result, we motionless to mix both elements for a array that could keep viewers vehement and amused during a same time,” pronounced Ming Han.


The brothers had a full support of tonton ubiquitous manager Loh Ben Jern and a executive Airin Zainul.

“When they approached us, suggesting that we emanate a special array or telemovie for tonton early this year, we were thrilled!” pronounced Ming Yue.

Ming Han pronounced filming began in early April, especially in a Klang Valley, though a set was mostly interrupted by complicated downpours in a evenings.

“We spent dual weeks on a set. The smashing thing was that a sleet always stopped punctually during 6pm.”

Besides a categorical cast, I, Remember also has cameos by several obvious actors including radio horde and dancer Dennis Yin.


Jad, 25, an accounting graduate, pronounced he was preoccupied with Hafiq’s character, as he resembled Spider-Man and other Marvel characters who possess special powers.

“It’s an engaging story, that tells us to be unapproachable of who we are, and realize their is something special in all of us,” he said.

“We need not be superheroes with special powers since eventually a best heroes are typical ones who are honest with themselves.”

Jad skeleton to seem in some-more specials by Ming Han and Ming Yue, and would adore to star in cinema later.

“I adore films that have sci-fi elements in them,” he said.


tonton executive Airin Zainul pronounced I, Remember is an strange story with a concept summary that everybody can describe to.

“All of us would adore a absolute present like a super-memory though there will always be pros and cons to it, since zero comes giveaway and easy. This is what Hafiq goes through, and all of us can learn lots of useful lessons from his adventures,” she said.

The Ming Thing was shaped in 2012 when Ming Han chose to vlog about a automobile park during his university.

It perceived a few thousand views overnight, and they roped in videographers Bryan Lim and Raffi Th’ng to support them.

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