Raih Kesempatan Tonton Atletico di Singapura

June 28, 2018 - tonton


Tahap 1: Tebak siapa pemilik jersey yang diacak dan katakan kepada kami mengapa Anda harus menonton Atletico LANGSUNG di Singapura. 

Tahap 2: Tulis jawaban Anda di komen dari kontes yang kami lakukan di Facebook, Instagram, atau Twitter. Kamu bisa menulis jawaban sebanyak mungkin. 

Dengan mengikuti kontes ini, Anda berarti telah setuju dengan syarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku di situs web ini. 

Periode Kontes: 
29 Juni – 8 Juli 2018 

Hadiah Utama: 

Seluruh biaya perjalanan untuk dua orang senilai 2.000 dollar Singapura untuk menonton pertandingan Atletico vs Arsenal LANGSUNG pada 26 Juli dan MEET GREET dengan pemain Atletico. 

Hadiah termasuk tiket pesawat pulang pergi dari Indonesia ke Singapura, akomodasi selama tiga hari, tiket pertandingan, dan hal lain yang tak bisa dibeli dengan uang.  

beIN SPORTS: Catch Atlético Madrid LIVE (“Contest”)
http://www.beinsports.com/id-en/la-liga/news/win-a-trip-to-singapore-to-catch-atletico-m-1/911758 Terms and Conditions (“TCs”)


  1. Entry is giveaway and open to Indonesia residents aged 18 and over during a time of Entry who have over a eligibility mandate as set out in these TCs (“Eligible Entrant(s)”).  Employees (or Family Members of employees) of, any of, beIN SPORTS Asia Pte Ltd, any companies compared with a Contest and graduation of a Contest and all affiliates of such aforementioned companies are not eligible. “Family Members” means spouse, ex-spouse, de-facto spouse, child or step child (whether healthy or by adoption), parent, step parent, grandparent, step grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step brother, step sister or initial cousin.  Only Eligible Entrants might be awarded and/or accept a Prize. 


  1. beIN SPORTS Asia Pte Ltd, Company Registration No. 201541071K, carrying a purebred bureau during 80 Pasir Panjang Road, #15-81/82 Mapletree Business City, Singapore 117372 (“beIN SPORTS”)

Agreement to TCs

  1. By their coming in this Contest, Eligible Entrants are acknowledging to have review and concluded to these TCs for their Entry to be deliberate valid, and acknowledge that a decisions of beIN SPORTS are final and binding. Eligibility and coming in this Contest is fortuitous on a Eligible Entrant’s association with these TCs and achievement of all other mandate set onward herein. These TCs shall overcome to a border of any craziness with any other anxiety to this Contest.

Contest Period

  1. The Contest starts on 29 Jun 2018 during 12:00PM and ends on 8 Jul 2018 during 12:00PM (the “Contest Period”). Entries contingency be perceived by beIN SPORTS within a Contest Period.

How to Enter

  1. To enter, Eligible Entrants contingency prove a following:
  1. be a current and real beIN SPORTS subscriber as of a date of their Entry acquiescence and during a whole Contest Period;
  2. visit: http://www.beinsports.com/id-en/la-liga/news/win-a-trip-to-singapore-to-catch-atletico-m-1/911758 and follow a instructions. There is no border on a series of submissions by any member though any member can usually win once.
  1. By submitting a Entry, Eligible Entrants aver and paint that he/she possess or differently control all of a rights to his/her Entry, including though limitation, all a rights compulsory for him/her to provide, post, upload, contention or contention any calm contained in a Entry, and extend a permit for beIN SPORTS to post, upload and cross-post/upload a calm in a Entry.

Selection of winners

  1. This is a skills formed foe and possibility plays no partial in last a winner. Entries will be judged formed on creativity, newness and passion.
  2. On 11 Jul 2018, during 12:00PM, beIN SPORTS will name one winning entrance that best accommodate a judging criteria referred to in proviso 7 as a winner. 
  3. beIN SPORTS will forewarn a leader around www.beinsports.com/id-en and an proclamation post on a central Facebook page during https://www.facebook.com/beinsportsindonesia/ and tell his/her name on 11 Jul 2018 (“Prize Winner”).

If a Prize Winner does not respond and explain a Prize within twenty-four (24) hours after a date of notification, beIN SPORTS might afterwards name a surrogate leader and try to hit such surrogate leader by Facebook proclamation post in suitability with this proviso 9 until one (1) Prize Winner have claimed a Prize (“Substitute Winner”). 

  1. beIN SPORTS’ decision in propinquity to any aspect of a Contest is final and contracting on any Eligible Entrant.  No association will be entered into.  No shortcoming is supposed for late, lost, misdirected, deficient or incompetent Entries.

Acceptance of Prize

  1. beIN SPORTS pot a right to ask Prize Winner and ride messenger to pointer coming recover and waiver of liability, to yield explanation of identity, explanation of age, explanation of residency or any other germane forms or agreements that beIN SPORTS deems compulsory in sequence to explain a Prize.  In a eventuality that any of a Prize Winner can't yield suitable proof, a effected Prize Winner will be deemed to have dispossessed a Prize in whole and no surrogate will be offered.  
  2. Should any of a intensity Prize Winner be incompetent to ride during a date a germane compare is conducted, a Prize will be dispossessed and rendered to a Substitute Winner in a same routine as dynamic in Clause 9 above. 
  3. Prize Winner might be requested to finish and lapse papers per acceptance of a Prize, outing restrictions (e.g. trance dates etc.), customary disclaimers of warranties to determine eligibility, use of Prize Winner’s and ride messenger likeness, personal information, as good as confidentiality. Prize Winner contingency finish and lapse any such compulsory papers within dual (2) days of a date of notice, in sequence to explain his/her Prize.  If a Prize Winner fails to contention same within a compulsory time period, a germane Prize will be dispossessed and rendered to a Substitute Winner.
  4. beIN SPORTS pot a right to name a Substitute Winner in a eventuality that an Eligible Entrant, claiming to be a winner, is incompetent to prove any terms of these TCs or has breached these TCs.


  1. The sum series of Contest leader in this foe is one (1) and comprises of a following esteem (“Prize”):
  1. two (2) compare tickets to a Atlético Madrid vs Arsenal compare on 26 Jul 2018 (or any such date as suggested by beIN SPORTS) during National Stadium, Singapore (“Match”);
  2. two (2) lapse economy category craft tickets vacating from a closest ubiquitous airfield to a Prize Winner’s primary chateau in Indonesia to Singapore for one (1) Prize Winner and one (1) ride companion;
  3. three (3) nights hotel accommodation during a 4-star hotel (to be comparison during a option of beIN SPORTS); and
  4. transfers (to/from a airfield and to/from a track on compare day) in Singapore during a travel.

The Prize Winners acknowledges that any illustration of Atlético Madrid players used in a graduation posters might not attend in a Match due to any variable resources that includes though not singular to, injury, cessation or change of schedule, and such variable resources are over a control of beIN SPORTS. Further, a Prize Winner acknowledges that beIN SPORTS is incompetent to pledge a coming of any Atlético Madrid players used in a promotional posters during a Match and agrees not to reason beIN SPORTS obliged and/or probable in a eventuality any Atlético Madrid players do not play during a Match.

Prize Conditions

  1. The Prize Winner and his/her ride messenger contingency ride together. Air tickets and hotel bookings contingency be finished by a date suggested by beIN SPORTS.  The Prize can't be used as partial arrangement for another airfare package.  Frequent flyer points can't be accrued on this Prize.  Travel is theme to accessibility during a time of booking. Blackout dates might apply. Once bookings are confirmed, no changes can be made.  All components of a Prize contingency be taken together.  Any member of a Prize not redeemed within a singular turn outing will be dispossessed and income will not be awarded in lieu of that member of a Prize.
  2. All compulsory ride papers and visa applications, taxes, charges and other incidentals not specified in a Prize will be a shortcoming of a Prize Winner and his/her ride companion. A current pass and visa (if applicable) in sequence to ride to Singapore to humour a Prize is a requirement (and is a Prize Winner solitary responsibility).
  3. Travel arrangements and transfers to and from a Prize Winner’s and/or his/her ride companion’s home and their nearest collateral city airfield are a shortcoming of a Prize Winner and his/her ride companion. All expenses, unless differently specified, including though not singular to meals, gratuities, spending money, additional baggage, ride insurance, personal and ride expenses, mini-bar, laundry, room service, write calls, use charges, pre and post accommodation, discretionary activities or outing and all taxes and any other immaterial waste in and with a outing are not enclosed in a Prize.  A credit label impress or income deposition might be compulsory from a Prize Winner during check-in to a hotel, for all immaterial charges.
  4. Compliance with any health or other supervision mandate is a shortcoming of a Prize Winner and their ride companions. The ride member of a Prize will be theme to a carrier’s ubiquitous conditions of carriage.  beIN SPORTS and a conduit make no illustration as to a safety, conditions or other issues that might exist during any destination.  International ride recommendation can be performed from several sources, including internal government, internal consular bureau and a web site of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia during https://www.kemlu.go.id/en/. The ride member enclosed in a Prize contingency be taken to coincide with a germane eventuality or a times and dates during that a captivate is available.  Travel word is not enclosed in a Prize though is rarely recommended.
  5. The Prize (including any member thereof) is theme to availability.  The Prize (including any member thereof) can't be transferred, assigned, replaced or exchanged for cash, credit or any other items.  beIN SPORTS will not reinstate any lost, shop-worn or stolen Prize (including any member thereof).
  6. Prize Winner are suggested that taxation implications might arise from their Prize and they should find eccentric financial recommendation before to acceptance of any Prizes.
  7. The Prize Winner and his/her ride messenger might be invited to attend interview(s) organised by beIN SPORTS. The Prize Winner consents and procures a determine of his/her ride companions, friends and kin featured in a calm submission, and grants to, beIN SPORTS and/or third parties allocated by beIN SPORTS, a incessant and universal permit for a use of any photos, video and audio capturing their names, voice, photos and/or images in any form of media on a worldwide basement for broadside and other functions deemed suitable by beIN SPORTS and though any remuneration. If a Prize is not accessible or in a eventuality of force majeure or variable factors, beIN SPORTS may, though conference or anxiety to a participants, surrogate or reinstate any Prize with any other Prize of equal or identical value during a solitary integrity of beIN SPORTS.  Cash will not be awarded as a substitute.  It is a condition of usurpation a Prize that a Prize Winner contingency approve with all a conditions of use of a Prize and Prize supplier’s requirements.  Each Prize contingency be taken as settled and no remuneration will be payable if a Prize Winner is incompetent to use such Prize as stated.
  8. By entering this Contest, and by collecting a Prize, a Prize Winner acknowledges and accepts that driving, ride (if any) and any other activities comprising a Prize, are inherently dangerous and might outcome in death, repairs incapacity, repairs to skill or other losses.  beIN SPORTS is not obliged for a forward or inattentive acts or omissions of a Prize Winner or for any acts of god, such as inauspicious continue conditions or industrial movement or polite turmoil that might start while a Prize Winner is travelling.  It is a shortcoming of a Prize Winner to enquire about internal issues and conditions during destinations before to travel.  beIN SPORTS does not pledge that a Prize Winner will humour a Prize or be matched to a form of Prize that is offered.


Travel Companion

  1. The ride messenger of a Prize Winner contingency pointer a ride messenger form releasing beIN SPORTS from guilt and providing compulsory broadside recover and determine for use of personal information.  The ride messenger is usually entitled to attend in a Prize as a guest of a Prize Winner and beIN SPORTS will not be obliged if a Prize Winner changes his/her mind about that ride messenger or any ride messenger he/she wants to accompany her/him.  Travel companions contingency be aged 18 and over during a time of acceptance of Prize and have compulsory ride papers and obtain any compulsory visas.

Disqualification/Right of removal

  1. beIN SPORTS might bar or invalidate any Entries (including winning Entries) if a Eligible Entrant endangered or anyone certified by a Eligible Entrant to understanding with their Entry, acts in a approach towards possibly beIN SPORTS, a affiliates, partners, or their agents or staff that beIN SPORTS pretty considers to be inappropriate, wrong or offensive.  If a Prize Winner is disqualified, beIN SPORTS pot a right to endowment a Prize to a Substitute Winner in suitability to Clause 9 above.
  2. beIN SPORTS pot a right to immediately devaluate a Prize from a Prize Winner and ride messenger who acts in a demeanour deemed unsportsmanlike or inappropriate.
  3. Prize Winner contingency continue to approve with all TCs, and winning is fortuitous on fulfilling of all requirements.  In a eventuality that a Prize Winner is unfit for any reason, beIN SPORTS will endowment a Prize to a Substitute Winner comparison from all remaining certified Entries in suitability with a routine of preference of winners settled in proviso 9 above.

General Conditions

  1. This Contest is in no approach accessible or administered by, or compared with Facebook.
  2. The terms and conditions of any other third celebration retailer will also request to a Prize where applicable.  If there is a brawl between third celebration terms and conditions and these TCs, these TCs shall take precedence.
  3. In a eventuality that a operation, security, or administration of a Contest is marred in any approach for any reason, including, though not singular to fraud, virus, bug, worm, unapproved tellurian involvement or other technical problem, or in a eventuality a Contest is incompetent to run as designed for any other reason, as dynamic by beIN SPORTS in a solitary discretion, afterwards beIN SPORTS might either: (a) postpone a Contest to residence a spoil and afterwards resume a Contest in a demeanour that best conforms to a suggestion of these TCs; or (b) cancel a Contest and, in a eventuality of termination, endowment a Prize(s) among Eligible Entrants that have granted non-suspect Entries (as dynamic by beIN SPORTS) adult to a time of a impairment. beIN SPORTS pot a right in a solitary option to invalidate any particular who provides fake information or who seeks to benefit an astray advantage or to manipulate a entrance routine or a operation of a Contest or to be behaving in defilement of these TCs or in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner. Any try by any chairman to means mistreat and/or criticise a legitimate operation of a Contest might be a defilement of rapist and polite law, and, should such an try be made, beIN SPORTS pot a right to find indemnification and any other remedies from any such chairman to a fullest border accessible by law. Failure by beIN SPORTS to make any sustenance of these TCs shall not consecrate waiver of that provision.

Release and Limitations of Liability

  1. By usurpation a Prize, a Prize Winner:
  1. represents and warrants that:
  1. the calm (answer to a entrance question) supposing is strange work that has been combined by a Prize Winner;
  2. the calm does not and will not violate or crack any of a terms of any other agreement a Prize Winner and his/her ride messenger might be a celebration to;
  3. the calm does not enclose defamatory, tortious or differently unlawful, wrong or false information;
  4. the calm is not obscene, cruel, violent or expected to means offence;
  5. the calm does not crack any germane law and does not transgress or violate any right of any person;
  6. the Prize Winner shall be only probable for a calm they have supposing and shall entirely and effectually recompense beIN SPORTS opposite all cost, claims and indemnification that they might humour or catch due to or in tie with a content.
  1. whilst maintaining copyright to a content, a Prize Winner grants beIN SPORTS a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, transferable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable permit to use, copy, edit, adapt, publish, translate, emanate adaptations from, make available, promulgate and discharge a calm and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or record now famous or after developed, and in such demeanour for such official functions deemed suitable by beIN SPORTS and privately dissent any dignified right over a content.
  1. The Prize Winner grants beIN SPORTS a right to modify, edit, or mislay any of pronounced calm theme to copyright transgression presentation during a discretion, though notice, and for any reason.
  2. Nothing in these TCs limit, bar or cgange or purports to limit, bar or cgange a orthodox consumer guarantees as supposing underneath Law No. 8 of 1999 on Consumer Protection (as nice from time to time) or any identical consumer insurance laws in Indonesia (“Non-Excludable Guarantees”).
  3. beIN SPORTS and a parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, graduation and graduation agencies, other companies compared with a Contest, and any of their particular officers, directors, employees, shareholders, representatives, and agents is referred to as a “Released Parties”. Except in a box of genocide or personal repairs outset from a Released Parties’ loosening or in honour of rascal and so distant as is accessible by law, Released Parties are released from all shortcoming and all liabilities for any personal injury, or any detriment or repairs (including detriment of opportunity), possibly approach or indirect, special or consequential, outset from (a) any technical problems or apparatus malfunction (whether or not underneath beIN SPORTS control); (b) any theft, unapproved entrance or third celebration interference; (c) any Entry or Prize explain that is late, lost, altered, shop-worn or misdirected (whether or not after a receipt by beIN SPORTS) due to any reason over their control (d) any movement in Prize value to that settled in these TCs (e) any taxation guilt incurred by a leader or Eligible Entrant or (f) use of a Prize. By participating in a Contest, participants determine to recover and reason submissive Released Parties from and opposite any explain or means of movement outset out of coming in a Contest or receipt or use of a Prize (including any ride or activity compared thereto). 
  4. To a limit border applicable, once a Prize has left beIN Sport’s or a agent’s premises, beIN SPORTS and a compared agencies take no shortcoming for a Prize (including if damaged, behind or mislaid in transit).


  1. This Contest, a TCs and any brawl or explain (including any non-contractual brawl or claim) outset out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in suitability with a laws of Singapore, and Eligible Entrants contention completely to a office of a suitable courts of Singapore to understanding with all matters relating to this Contest.

Privacy Consent Use of Personal Information

  1. To control this Contest, beIN SPORTS needs to collect personal information about Eligible Entrants.  If Eligible Entrants do not yield a information requested, beIN SPORTS might not be means to yield Eligible Entrants with Entry.
  2. The collection of personal information compared to entries collected for a Contest is theme to and will be governed by beIN SPORTS’ remoteness policy, that can be accessed at: http://www.beinsports.com/id/privacy-policy/ and/or other third celebration platforms such as Facebook.
  3. Eligible Entrants agree, that theme to a Data Protection Regulation (if applicable), personal information might be collected, used and disclosed for marketing, promotion, research, statistics and Contest functions – specifically, and though limitation, beIN SPORTS and/or a agents might do a following: 
  1. transfer personal information confidentially to beIN SPORTS or other organisations that yield services in propinquity to this Contest;
  2. disclose personal information collected to regulatory authorities as required, such as a regulators of trade promotions;
  3. publish a Prize Winner name as compulsory underneath germane law;
  4. use a Prize Winner personal information and print in any media for broadside functions compared with a Content though any serve arrangement or other compensation, unless a leader differently notifies beIN SPORTS before to usurpation a Prize; and/or
  5. distribute other selling or promotional material.

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