Racing: Cup feat golden impulse for Bell

July 31, 2017 - tonton

You’d be wasting your time seeking John Bell how he came to possess Saturday’s $65,000 Taumarunui Gold Cup leader Gentil Tonton.

“I indeed have no idea,” Bell pronounced yesterday as he distinguished a win he regards as a many gratifying of his career.

The Irish bred Gentil Tonton began his career in his homeland before being eliminated to Hong Kong tutor Gary Moore. He remained in his Asian tenure when eliminated to Waikato trainers Trevor and Martin Cruz.

From there he went to Lance O’Sullivan and Andrew Scott’s Matamata fast before John Bell perceived a summary from Hong Kong. “It said, Gentil Tonton to be eliminated to John Bell. No reason and we didn’t ask any questions.

“I knew a equine from when Martin and Trevor had him here during Cambridge. I’d always dignified him as a pleasing animal. He looks like a sprinter, though a work he was doing fast showed he was a stayer.” Gentil Tonton’s film star looks were not matched by his temperament.

“You would proceed him during a tie-ups and he’d have his teeth revealed and his ears back.

“We showered him with adore and attention. We give him lots of cuddles and hugs and he loves it. He can still unclothed his teeth, though we consider he does it now only so he can get another cuddle.

“Also, we altered his gear. He used to wear a tongue tie, blinkers and a nose rope and we took it all off him. He doesn’t like being boxed up, that arrange of explains because he didn’t settle into Hong Kong that well.”

Gentil Tonton’s vital success was one of neophyte Sam Weatherley’s winning three-way on Saturday. “Sam knew a equine from when he was during his fast and when he knew we had perceived a equine he called me for a ride. A satisfactory while behind he told me he would win this race.”

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