Media Prima looking for ways to beef adult earnings

December 10, 2016 - tonton

Company skeleton some-more artistic promotion calm during rise hours

MEDIA Prima Bhd’s radio network division, that is a buttress of a group, is looking during non-traditional avenues to beef adult a profitability, that has been disappearing recently.

The organisation is looking to come adult with some-more artistic promotion calm for clients during a rise hours, that have seen expansion in viewers.

Currently, Media Prima operates 4 free-to-air radio channels in Malaysia, namely TV3, NTV7, TV9 and 8TV. It also recently relaunched a over-the-top (OTT) use called Tonton.

According to a radio networks arch executive officer Datuk Kamal Khalid, discordant to renouned belief, a company’s series of viewers in a primary time belt from 7 pm to 11 pm has indeed increasing year-on-year.

“It would be good to consider of a plan on how to serve monetise on this as viewership during a primary time this year has been unequivocally healthy.

“Collectively, we are still a series one channel where we still authority about 35% to 36% marketplace share of sum viewership, thorough of compensate TV.

“We have seen a rebate in a viewership in a off primary time belts since there are so many opposite platforms now competing for people’s attention.

“So, from a viewpoint there is no reason to deposit heavily in this off primary time hours since a boost of viewership will be extrinsic and a event to monetise will also reduced.

“Thus, it is improved for us to put a investment in a primary time belt where we can still benefit some eyeballs,” he told StarBizWeek recently.

To serve monetise airtime during these hours, Kamal says a pivotal thing for them is to try to know clients’ needs and that is still an ongoing process.

“Previously, promotion was a unequivocally candid sales operation though now advertisers, generally for consumer products – wish a lot some-more specialisation.

“Clients now have now a lot some-more product lines that privately targets opposite audiences.

“So that’s one thing we are going to do,” he says.

On tip of that, Kamal says clients now have many other opposite platforms to publicize and that poise hurdles to their revenue.

“One is since there is some-more foe in a space, and there is digital of march where people are commencement to put a lot income there.

“We have to try to find ways to modify a illusory viewership that we have into income and we have to find ways not to only rest on a normal form of promotion going forward.

“This is vicious since a free-to-air radio channels are still a categorical source of income,” he says.

Digital and OTT

This plan comes in a area of increasingly renouned digital and on-demand over-the-top (OTT) party and news platforms such as Netflix, iflix, Telekom Malaysia, Internet custom radio (IPTV) use HyppTV and YouTube.

For a nine-months finished Sept 30, a distinction after taxation of Media Prima’s radio networks multiplication declined by 82% year-on-year to RM10.4mil.

The multiplication was a group’s tip benefit writer that available RM72.9mil distinction after taxation in 2015.

At a organisation level, Media Prima slipped into a red for a initial 9 months this year as it posted a net detriment of RM64.2mil or 5.79 sen per share, compared with a net distinction of RM107mil or 9.65 sen per share a year ago. Revenue fell 8.5% to RM970.4mil from RM1.06bil.

This is especially due a one-off restructuring responsibility for a print media operation.

Meanwhile, on non-advertising revenue, Kamal says a organisation has launched a home selling business about 7 months ago and has also relaunched a OTT services early this year.

“We launched a home selling business in April, in partnership with South Korea’s CJO Shopping Co Ltd (CJO).

“Because CJO is a consultant in this area and is a largest home selling association in a home country, this is surpassing unequivocally well.

“The other entrance is a possess OTT called Tonton that was launched 6 years ago essentially for viewers to locate adult on missed radio content.

“But, we relaunched it early this year with paid users for a reward content.

“It now has about 6 million purebred users and a prospects is promising, though it’s too early to sign on a financial grant to a division,” he says.

Tonton purebred users suffer singular giveaway calm and have to compensate RM3 day, RM10 a month or RM96 a year to benefit entrance to a radio networks’ whole library.

“Our collection substantially have a best collection of internal calm to offer.

“If we strech a approaching vicious mass, we ostensible a subsequent step is to take it regionally to Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei,” he says.

On going digital, Kamal says MyTB Broadcasting Sdn Bhd’s fees of RM12mil for customary clarification and RM25mil for high clarification are too high.

“We have lifted a matter and they have listened and looking during ways to move down a delivery cost.

“Other options of going digital are to work with Telekom or Astro; we would be happy to work with them too,” he says.

Going forward, Kamal sees a subsequent integrate of years as a duration of transition due to a change in concentration and plan of a multiplication in line with stream demands.

“The transition is to try some-more of non-advertising income generators such as Tonton and home shopping.

“We only started to exercise them this year and there is a logistical transition duration of dual to 3 years.

“Additionally, there is vigour to say viewership and income of a free-to-air channels as well,” he says.

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