Jinnyboy’s initial film on ‘Tonton’

July 10, 2017 - tonton

STREAMING use tonton, that is celebrating a decade in uncover business, will premiere a initial underline film by video-making twin and YouTube sensations Jin Lim and Reuben Kang on Malaysia Day (Sept 16).

The Subang Jaya duo, famous as Jinnyboy TV (after their YouTube channel) are childhood friends and a 90-minute film is desirous by their teen years in a township.

Titled By MY Side, a film introduces new and informed faces.

It is a adore story with FlyFM announcer Brandon Ho and Ola Bola thespian Marianne Tan personification childhood buddies who spin lovers, while stand-up comedienne Joanne Kam, along with newcomers Nadia Nash, Josephine Yap and Adam Shamil make adult a ancillary cast.

“Reuben is a executive and I’m a producer, and we will make cameo appearances,” pronounced Lim on a initial day of filming during Putrajaya International Convention Centre recently.

By MY Side tells of childhood friends Ben and Faye, who live in Subang Jaya and grow adult socialising with mutual, multi-ethnic schoolmates and neighbours.

When they spin 17, adore starts to freshness between them. But Ben has to leave for Australia to serve his studies, while Faye chooses to stay behind since of financial difficulties.

Kang pronounced a word “MY” in a pretension was capitalised to simulate a protagonists’ adore for their country. (“MY” is a nation formula for Malaysia)

By MY Side outlines Ho’s behaving debut. Describing it as a jubilee of Malaysian life with references to contemporary enlightenment and undying traditions, he pronounced his character, Ben, was in adore with Faye. But he chooses to pursue a grade abroad to “see a world”.

Ho sees By MY Side as a coming-of-age story told from a viewpoint of Malaysian youth.

“Our on-screen buddies come from all races and we understanding with issues, hobbies and outside adventures that simulate a beauty of Malaysian life — my kind of story!”

Describing her “Faye” purpose as “more challenging” than a publisher she played in Ola Bola, Tan pronounced there were some-more emotions involved.

“Faye is frail in a beginning, and depends on Ben for support. Ben is her post of strength. She had a tough time flourishing adult since her relatives are separated. She laments his pierce to Australia, though solemnly learns to be independent.”

The story might be fiction, though it is desirous by romances of Jin’s and Kang’s friends in Subang Jaya.

“We’re filming it over 20 days, and while many scenes will be shot in a Klang Valley, there will be some filming in Pulau Redang, Terengganu,” pronounced Kang.

Ho will also perform a thesis song, also patrician By MY Side.

It is created and stoical by American thespian David Choi, a crony of a filmmakers.

“It’s a feel-good strain that beautifully sums adult a story. It’s also an anthem about Malaysia’s suggestion of togetherness.”

Kang and Lim are grateful to tonton ubiquitous manager Loh Ben Jern for ancillary them.

“We’d also like to appreciate Daniel Veerapen, who stoical a pleasing film measure to fit a story,” pronounced Kang.

Since 2012, Jinnyboy TV has constructed dozens of strike videos, including Oppa KL Style, Ah Wing, Malaysia’s Number One Salesman and Only In Malaysia. They have garnered some-more than 8 million views.

Lim was before a radio announcer for Hitz.FM while Kang was a writer in an promotion company.

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