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February 27, 2017 - tonton

HITS will be permitted to tonton subscribers as a linear TV channel in English with Bahasa Malay and Chinese-subtitles. It will join a operation of live TV channels, as good as 23,000 hours of catch-up and reward calm a use provides on-demand.

“We acquire a further of HITS to a ever flourishing calm offerings for tonton’s reward VIP membership that starts from only RM 3 ($0.70). This is in line with a plan in providing a best of internal calm and carrying a best shows from Hollywood for all Malaysians to enjoy,” pronounced Airin Zainul, executive of tonton and egghead property, chartering and merchandising.

The Malaysian OTT use now claims to have 6.6 million purebred users, with 18,000 new members fasten any week. Tonton offers a operation of shows, nonetheless 80% of a calm is local.

HITs provides programmes including That ’70s Show, The Nanny, Golden Girls, Cheers, MacGyver, Diff’rent Strokes, AirWolf, The A-Team, The X-Files and Grey’s Anatomy. The channel is permitted for giveaway on tonton as a two-week preview for a residue of Feb and a initial week of March.

CEO of Rewind Networks, Avi Himatsingani, said: “We are happy that tonton’s VIP subscribers will now have 24×7 entrance to a hugely successful curated use that has viewers opposite a segment amatory us and wanting more.”

HITS is also permitted in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and The Philippines, where it also has a locate adult use HITS Replay available, as good as streaming on a HITS app permitted around iOS and Android to real pay-TV subscribers.

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