Gabbi inspires Ruru: But Janine is gentle to work with

January 23, 2018 - tonton

RURU Madrid was only a curtain adult in GMA7’s “Protege” artista hunt in 2012. He was only a unequivocally skinny 15-year-old when he won and now that he incited 20 years aged final Dec 4, he has given grown in bulk to competition a most hunkier physique and he now stands roughly 6 feet tall.

After personification ancillary roles, he has also surpassed a career of a masculine winner, Jeric Gonzales, as he’s now being launched in his initial primetime uncover where he plays a pretension purpose no less, “Sherlock Jr.” “I’d unequivocally like to appreciate GMA sa pagtitiwala nila sa same and for giving me this large mangle kaya we guarantee to always do my best para mapaganda ang uncover during hindi ako mapahiya sa kanila,” he says.

He is interconnected anew with his ka-love team, Gabbi Garcia, and also with Janine Gutierrez as his initial partner who dies tragically when she tries to display a misdeeds of a hurtful senator played by Tonton Gutierrez. “I’m happy na makatrabaho ulit si Gabbi. Napakadali, napakagaan niyang katrabaho so it’s always good operative with her kasi unequivocally gentle na rin kaming dalawa sa isa’t isa.”


How about Janine? “We’ve worked before nang maging guest namin siya noon sa ‘Encantadia’, pero sandali lang during hindi kami naging magka-eksena. Nakaka-inspire to work with her kasi napakagaling niyang artista. Natutuwa rin ako kasi hindi ko ine-expect na sobrang attract pala niya. Nakakahugot ako from her kapag kaeksena ko siya. Kasi ‘yung eyes niya nangungusap kapag tinitigan mo during madadala ka. I’m happy na nagkasama kami dito sa ‘Sherlock Jr’.”

In a story, he plays a intrepid contributor seeking probity for victims of crime. His sidekick is a dog named Siri in genuine life, yet who is given a name of Serena in a show. “Dati, takot na takot ako sa mga aso. Pero dahil sa uncover na ito, na-overcome ko ang fear ko sa dog. Dati ilang papa ako kay Siri, pero ngayon, nayayakap-yakap ko na siya.”
Siri is indeed a dog of Janine’s character, Irene, and she’s during contingency with Ruru as Jack when a uncover starts. But when Janine dies, Ruru inherits her and she becomes Ruru’s defender. Also in a uncover are Ai Ai de las Alas as Ruru’s mom, Roi Vinzon as Ruru’s stepdad, Tonton Gutierrez as Sen. Lawrence, a senator who’s married to Rochelle Barrameda, Sharmaine Arnaiz as a mom of Gabbi Garcia who’s not wakeful she’s unequivocally a daughter of Sen. Lawrence, Andre Paras as Ruru’s policeman best friend, Matt Evans as a son of Tonton with Rochelle, and newcomers Kate Valdez and Sofia Pablo as Ruru’s younger sisters, underneath a instruction of Rechie del Carmen.


RYZA Cenon and JC Santos broach argent performances in a pretension purpose of “Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” that opens in theaters this Wednesday. The film is focused especially on only a twin of them and a story’s setting, Palawan. They have a brief method during a start shot inside a famous St. Paul’s Underground River yet shortly after that, they transport by land to a halcyon and pleasing El Nido and that’s where a rest of a story takes place.
Just like in a new strike “Siargao”, this film succeeds in capturing a primitive beauty of El Nido. Your evident greeting after examination a film will positively be: “Let’s go there!” The camera proudly explores and showcases a white silt beaches, a high cliffs of surrounding islands, a transparent waters of a lagoons and a dive sites plentiful with outlandish fishes. The underwater scenes where they go snorkeling and where Ryza meets Nemo are simply breathtaking.
The element is identical to new films that disintegrate a joys and heedfulness of relationships, like “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”, “12” and “All About You”. Both JC as Raffy and Ryza as Angela or Gela are nursing a damaged heart. We won’t go into sum of what happened to them so as not spoil it for you. Suffice it to contend that JC goes to Palawan to forget about his past adore while Ryza goes there to remember her possess aborted romance.
They have a lovable assembly during a airfield and it turns out they’ll be fasten a same debate and stay in a same resort. People consider that they’re a integrate since he’s Mr. Cruz and she’s Mrs. Cruz, not meaningful that she’s operative on her annulment. Just like in a “Before Sunset” and “Before Sunrise” cinema starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, a characters are only shown talking, conversing, chatting and afterwards doing some-more talking.
And what do they speak about? Nothing unequivocally earthshaking. They share their thoughts and personal philosophies about love, marriage, commitment, hurts, about Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and how ridiculous a luckless immature lovers were. The lines of discourse created by Director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo operation from being dumb and comical to being low and thought-provoking. Sometimes, we get a feeling that you’re only eavesdropping on their unequivocally personal  interactions.
There’s apparently passionate captivate between Gela and Raffy, yet Bernardo handles it with most calm so as not to mangle a sorcery that is solemnly building between them. And when it finally happens, it doesn’t unequivocally happen. We don’t wish to go into that and we’ll only let we learn it for yourself.
We only feel, though, that a film is unnecessarily prolonged for over twin hours. There are a lot of scenes that only go on and on and can certainly advantage from a lot of pleat to make a film reduction vapid and energise a pacing. After this, we have some-more cinema of this arrange like “Meet Me is St. Gallen” whose trailer was shown during a press screening of “Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” that we attended. We’re fearful that there’s already a bolt of such flicks and viewers competence shortly get sleepy of them.
But a film still works, simply since both Ryza and JC are unusually good in their particular roles, interpreting it with a right reduction of impertinence and seriousness. Ryza handles a inebriated stage in a bar brilliantly. And also a final stage when she deliberately refuses to give a film a requisite feel good conclusion.
The finale is not your required happily ever after one, but, personally, we like it. For all we know, if a film becomes a large blockbuster like Bernardo’s “Kita Kita”, they can make a supplement where a twin vital characters accommodate again somewhere in a city or another pleasing island. After all, their lives are still laid out before them and adore competence still be watchful around a corner.


RICHARD Yap is blissful to be behind in a unchanging TV uncover in “Sana Dalawa ang Puso”. “I did twin films, ‘Achy Break Hearts’ and ‘Mano Po 7’, so na-miss ko talaga doing a soap,” he says.
How is it operative again with Jodi Sta. Maria after “Be Careful with My Heart”? “It’s still a same. Masaya kasi friends na kami and we’re unequivocally gentle with any other. We only picked adult from what we left off. we play a opposite impression here, so it’s a new plea for me. Pero lalo kay Jodi kasi she plays twin roles. Bagong plea hubbub na kasama namin ngayon ang isang Robin Padilla sa show.”
How did he feel when Robin says he was primarily intimidated by being a third circle in their loveteam so he had to ask a assembly with him first? “I consider it’s a approach of violation a ice for us to get to know any other improved muna before we started taping. we didn’t know about his concerns then, yet we also arrange of felt na we should get to know any other muna, so we didn’t have any perplexity to accommodate adult with him. Right naman niya to ask for a assembly kasi mas comparison siya sa akin. He’s thanking us yet a law is, we should be a ones thanking him for similar to do ‘Sana Dalawa ang Puso’, kasi we don’t consider itutuloy ito ng ABS but him.”
Since Jodi is personification twin characters, Richard says he doesn’t consider he and Robin would be fighting over her. “Sa story kasi, ‘yung mayamang Jodi, si Liza, ipinagkasundo ng relatives niya sa relatives ko for us to have an organised marriage. Siyempre, we’re both facing a idea. Si Robin naman during ‘yung isa pang Jodi, si Mona, both come from a operative class. So, doon magkakaroon ng mga dispute in a march of a uncover kaya abangan nyo when we start the telecast on Monday, Jan 29 kapalit ng ‘Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin’.”

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