Exciting new shows on tonton for Ramadan and Aidilfitri

May 21, 2017 - tonton

Treat yourself to some sparkling new shows on tonton in a weeks heading adult to a gratifying deteriorate of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The video streaming use is portion adult a accumulation of shows with a hashtags #RamadanMacamVIP and #AidilfitriMacamVIP generally for viewers. Tune in to a supplement to Meh Sandar Pada Aku, a renouned play array starring Mira Filzah as a easygoing Afnan Tasneem alongside Aliff Aziz as a indeterminate Syed Nadzhan. In Meh Sandar Pada Aku Raya, fans will find out if Afnan and Syed will be means to live happily together after a hardship they went by in a prior series. Is adore still in a cards or have their differences held adult with them?

Rumours of intrigue between Ayda Jebat and Redza Rosli have been in a news lately. Find out if a dual stars have any sparks in Ku Kirim Cinta. In this new play series, Ayda stars as Nisha, a lady who receives adore messages from Zarul (Fahad Iman) delivered to her by his crony Farhan (Redza).

What happens when Nisha starts carrying feelings for a follower instead? How will she broach a distressing news to Zarul?

tonton will also showcase Reban Ayam, a new charity-driven series. Two celebrities will contest to locate a many chickens and a leader gets to present RM500 value of goodies to comparison non-profit organisations.

How will luminary contestants like singers Aiman Tino, Sufian Suhaimi, actor Mas Khan and more, transport in this gift duck run? Will they moment underneath pressure?

Other must-see shows on tonton embody family play Misi Laksa Dan Laksam starring Rita Rudaini and Andainya Takdir starring heartthrob Shukri Yahaya. Also watch out for Amy Mastura in Budak Ijat, Adi Putra in My Sweet Lavender and Nelydia Senrose alongside Daley Yusof in Encik Suami Mat Saleh Celup.

Don’t forget to watch Izreen Azminda and Chef Fikfree Aznan in Tukar-Tukar Menu, and find out if Amar Asyraf creates a ideal son-in-law in Menantu Bilal.

In a harrowing Jurnal Suraya, a play focuses on a lady struggling with leukemia. It stars Nad Zainal and Johan As’ari.

Special events lined up

Apart from these shows, tonton also wants viewers to be a partial of a special events.

In #driveMacamVIP, highway users during Klang Valley fee areas will accept a giveaway buka puasa package with dates, H2O and disdainful tonton gifts.

tonton will also be a partial of Bazar Terima Kasih, a Ramadan debate hosted by Media Prima Television Networks during Mesra Mall in Terengganu (June 3) and Plaza Angsana in Johor (June 10).

The gratifying hearten also spreads opposite a causeway as tonton is strictly accessible to viewers in Singapore interjection to a partnership with Singtel Cast.

There is also an event to locate a faces of tonton Ayda and Redza with black of tonton Datuk Vida during Celebfest 2017 in Singapore on Jun 16-18. More sum about a meet-and-greet event will be suggested later.

Now, how does one watch all these glorious shows on tonton?

Well, check out tonton’s #AidilfitriMacamVIP package that includes a tonton VIP RM10 subcription label for a one-month access, merchandise, raya packets and Roopawan vouchers. This offer is usually accessible on www.roopawan.com.


Redza and Ayda star in Ku Kirim Cinta, a new play array on tonton. Photo: The Star/Darran Tan

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