Electronic music’s destiny shines brightly on Good Enuff x Daruma compilation

May 18, 2017 - tonton

Good Enuff – Mad Decent‘s “baby cuzzin” – has teamed adult with trap-heavy collective Daruma with a recover of their beautifully heated compilation. The compilation, out now around Good Enuff, facilities ones-to-watch of a electronic song scene. MYRNE, Havok Roth, Baht, Masayoshi Iimori and Andrew Luce come out to paint Daruma, while Ocular, Tonton and AIRWAV turn out a rest of a marks for Good Enuff.

The gathering starts on a light and ethereal side with Ocular and Tonton’s “Drifting Apart” and gets a small heavier with “Trust Issues” by Havok Roth and AIRWAV. The marks pierce like a crescendo; starting off light and solemnly building into a bass-heavy culmination pleasantness of Andrew Luce. Sandwiched between all that are standouts “I Know” by MYRNE and “Mystics” by Baht Masayoshi Iimori. Both marks move an violent volume of appetite that can't be ignored. The gathering shines a light on a destiny of electronic song as these up-and-comers give a small ambience of what they’re all about. Don’t sleep, guys.

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