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July 3, 2017 - tonton

Braves tumble 6-4 in array closer to Rays

Braves tumble 6-4 in array closer to Rays

The Braves staff entertains several children in assemblage with a diversion of low-pitched chairs in between innings in a 6-4 detriment to Princeton.

Posted: Monday, Jul 3, 2017 8:09 am

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Braves tumble 6-4 in array closer to Rays


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The initial dual innings began a same approach a initial dual games of a array did in Danville’s 6-4 accountability in a final diversion of a 3 diversion array opposite Princeton on Tuesday, Jun 27, during Legion Field. This time it was a Rays who pulled divided on offense for a 6-4 win, giving them their initial feat of a deteriorate after starting 0-5.

“We’ve been overhanging a bats good and we’ve been good during a plate,” Braves conduct manager Nester Perez said. “I would contend this was one of those nights where we usually couldn’t strike anything.”

Center fielder Carl Chester non-stop adult a diversion for Princeton with a single, and on a really subsequent during bat for a Rays, Chester crossed home image for a 1-0 advantage off a triple from shortstop Zach Rutherford. Immediately following initial baseman Devin Davis’ double authorised Rutherford to cranky home image to double a lead.

The Braves trailing 2-0 in a bottom of a initial inning, saw an infield home run from designated hitter Hagen Owenby, pushing in dual runs to tie a measure during 2-2. The reason for this, however, was since Princeton right fielder Bryce Brown, in his try to locate a fly ball, had a set-back of a tough collision with a wall, causing him to have to leave a diversion due to injury.

In a second inning, Princeton was means to retake a lead with a run from left fielder Moises Gomez since of a fielding error. In a bottom of a inning a Braves again had answer when a singular from shortstop Derian Cruz gathering initial baseman Griffin Benson to home image for a 3-3 tie.

While this was a start that occurred in a initial dual home games for Danville, a Rays came divided with a advantage on offense this time over a march of a rest of a game.

“We usually had 5 hits tonight,” Perez said. “Owenby was overhanging a bat good and Shumpert was overhanging a bat well, though we couldn’t assistance a pitchers today. we consider a pitchers did a good pursuit tonight though attack and invulnerability didn’t assistance much.”

Danville, in a third, was means to take a lead again with a run from third baseman Nicholas Shumpert, who was driven in when right fielder Leudys Baez grounded out, though 3 some-more runs in a fifth and sixth innings for Princeton gave a Rays a advantage they indispensable to come divided with it. Gomez and Chester scored runs in a fifth and right fielder Jose Tonton managed one some-more run in a sixth off a singular from third baseman Kevin Santiago for a 6-4 Rays lead.

Four opposite Braves contributed to Danville’s 4 runs, and Owenby led a group in RBIs with two. Rays pitcher Josh Fleming was accredited with a win.

“Tonight we was happy with a pitching,” Perez said. “All a pitchers did a good pursuit tonight, we usually couldn’t strike and we couldn’t play good defense. We usually wish to play game-by-game.”

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Monday, Jul 3, 2017 8:09 am.

Updated: 8:14 am.

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