4 slain in Malolos anti-drug operation

July 10, 2017 - tonton

Four suspects were killed while a barangay tanod was arrested in a march of an anti-drug operation in Malolos City, Bulacan early Tuesday morning, military said.

First to be killed were Paquito Bernardo and another think identified usually by his alias “Toto,” both of whom had given adult in progressing in response to Opla “Tokhang,” who military pronounced intent them in a shootout in Barangay Caiogan around 3 a.m.

A follow-up operation led to a raid on a drug basement were Ronald Gaben, alias “Tonton,” a purported personality of a gang, and another think famous usually as “Dolfo,” were killed. They were armed with a .45 size pistol and a shotgun.

Police pronounced that, aside from trafficking drugs, a squad was also concerned in robberies and carjacking.

On a other hand, barangay tanod Rodolfo Leoncio, 41, was arrested after he was held shopping drugs from Gaben and Dolfo.

Recovered from Gaben’s house, that authorities pronounced doubled as a drug den, were a set of black overalls believed to have been used during holdups, reproduction firearms and an allegedly carjacked motorcycle with military stickers.


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